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EU Digital Covid Certificate. Frequently Asked Questions

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This page covers all the frequently asked questions regarding the EU Digital COVID Certifiate.

Question: What is the EU Digital COVID Certificate (EUDCC)?

Answer: The EU Digital COVID certificate is an initiative launched by the EU on the 01st July 2021 to streamline the processing of travel documents associated with showing that you are COVID-19 safe to travel within the EU, Switzerland, and the EEA.

EU Countries include: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

EEA Countries includes: Switzerland, Norway, Lichtenstein and Iceland.

Switzerland, Vatican City and San Marino are neither an EU country or an EEA country however it is included in the EU Digital COVID Certificate program.

Although the program was officially launched on 01st July it could take several weeks for all countries to fully implement the system.

The three types of COVID status information stored on the document are:

1. To show you have been fully vaccinated by an EU approved vaccine and that the vaccination was completed at least 14 days before your travel.
2. To show you have a valid negative COVID-19 test certificate (if you have not been vaccinated)
3. To show that you have had COVID-19 but have recovered from it.

The certificate will also store your name, date of birth and the date the certificate was issued. There will also be a unique reference code.

Question: What vaccinations can be stored on the EU Digital COVID certificate?

Answer: EU approved vaccines only can be stored on the EUDCC.

Click to see a full list of EU approved vaccinations

Question: What is the difference between the EU Digital Green Certificate and the EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate?

Answer: There is no difference. They are the same document. This document is also sometimes referred to by the “EU vaccine passport” however this is not completely accurate because the EU digital certificate also stores information on whether you had a negative COVID-19 test or if you have recovered from the coronavirus and therefore have natural immunity.

Question: Who can apply for the EU digital COVID Certificate?

Answer: Any EU citizen can apply to receive the EU Digital COVID Certificate and those within the EEA. In addition non EU Citizens, that are legally allowed to reside in the EU, can also apply for the certificate.

Question: Is it compulsory to have a EU digital COVID certificate to travel within the EU?

Answer: It is not compulsory to have the EU Digital COVID certificate to travel within the EU. However the advantage of getting the certificate is that it will significantly streamline your ability to travel within the EU. If you don’t have the EU Digital COVID certificate it could take longer to process your paperwork when arriving in your destination country or they could implement more procedures for those that do not have the certificate – this could lead to more time required to clear through customs and boarder control points.

Question: How do I get a EU Digital COVID Certificate?

Answer: Each country has its own government-operated public medical service. In each autonomous region of Spain there is a different public medical service that you will need to contact. The link below will show you a map of Spain for each autonomous area. Click on the region of the map that is in your area to see the public medical centre issuing the EU Digital Covid Certificates. Some countries will automatically send out the EU Digital COVID certificate by email after you have received your vaccination. If you do not receive your EU Digital COVID certificate after your final vaccination you should visit the website for the health centre that is issuing EU Digital COVID certificates.

Map showing the Spanish health authorities that will issue EU Digital COVID certificates

Catalonia health authority website that is responsible for issuing Digital COVID certificates

Question: I don’t have a smartphone, can I still benefit from having the EU Digital Covid Certificate?

Answer: Yes, you may be able to also get a printed version of the certificate however the procedure for obtaining this will be different for each public health primary care centre. You would need to refer to your public health centre to find out how you can get your printed copy. It may be that you will have to login to the public health centre website and you can then download and print your certificate.

Question: How does the EU Digital COVID certificate work?

Answer: The EU digital certificate can be downloaded onto and health app for your smartphone operated by the public health service. The certificate will have a QR code on the certificate which makes it easy for it to be scanned border control check points.

Question: I have had my vaccine how do I get it registered on the Digital COVID Certificate?

Answer: You will either be automatically sent instructions on how to obtain your Digital COVID Certificate after your vaccination, or, alternatively you may need to make a request for it at the regional health centre responsible for issuing Digital COVID Certificates.

Question: I have recovered from COVID-19 how can I get my status of recovered registered on the EU Digital Covid Certificate?

Answer: You would need to show both a positive test for COVID and then a subsequent Negative test for COVID-19. You will need to consult your regional health centre to find out how to load these test results onto our Digital COVID certificate.

Question: I have not been vaccinated and I have not recovered from an infection from COVID-19 is the EU Digital Certificate of any value to me?

Answer: Yes, because you can load up your negative COVID-19 test results on to your EU Digital COVID Certificate which will make it much easier and quicker for boarder controls to check your negative certificate is valid.

Question: How do I load up my negative COVID-19 test results onto the EU Digital COVID certificate?

Answer: Check with your local health authority how you can load up your COVID negative test results to your Digital COVID Certificate.

Question: How much does it cost to obtain the EU Digital COVID Certificate?

Answer: The EU digital COVID Certificate is issued free of charge.

Question: Is the UK part of the EU Digital COVID Certificate?

Answer: No, the UK left the EU and is therefore not part of the EU Digital COVID Certificate program. However the UK is running a similar scheme called the NHS COVID PASS. You can find more details about the NHS COVID PASS by following the links below:


NHS Guidance on the NHS COVID Pass for UK Citizens

BBC article on the EU Vaccine Passport

Question: If I have the EU Digital COVID pass do I still need to complete the Spanish Travel Health form?

Answer: Yes, you will still need to complete the Spanish Health Form. Follow the instructions on the Spanish Travel Health website

Question: How can I arrange to be vaccinated in Barcelona, Spain?
Answer: You can arrange for an appointment to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by visiting the link below

COVID-19 vaccination centre in Barcelona

Question: Where can I find out more about the Digital Green Certificate program?

Answer: Follow the link below for more information on the EUDCC:

EU website for the Digital COVID Certificate program


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