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COVID-19 FAQs For Visitors To Barcelona

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COVID-19 Test Requirements When Arriving by Train in Barcelona

COVID-19 travel requirements when travelling by train from France to Barcelona. Find out if you need a PCR test or Health Control form needed when arriving to Barcelona by train, car or other land transport. Local sworn statements needed to move around until 21 December 2020 and during curfew hours.

COVID-19: Travel By Car From France To Barcelona, Rules and Regulations

COVID-19 rules and requirements to cross the border from France to Spain by car. Find out if you can cross the border, if you need a coronavirus test certificate and other entry requirements.

Can I Order COVID-19 Tests For Other People in Private Labs of Barcelona?

How to order COVID-19 tests for other people in Barcelona. Private labs where you can book a PCR, antigen or antibody test for yourself, family members of other people. Price of the coronavirus tests and results delivery time.

Labs Open During the Weekend to Get a PCR Test or an Antigen Test in Barcelona

Labs for PCR tests or antigen tests at the weekend in Barcelona. Recommendations for your COVID test for Travel How to get your coronavirus test travel certificate on time before your trip.

Where to Get a PCR Test and a Rapid Antigen Test to Fly from Barcelona to Amsterdam

How to get your PCR and antigen test travel certificate for your flight from Barcelona to Amsterdam. Laboratories in Barcelona open 24/7 for rapid antigen tests to the Netherlands.

How to Get a Refund in France for Barcelona PCR Test?

Procedures for French Public Health Insurance refund for a PCR test done in Barcelona to travel to France. Reimbursement amount,administrative form and supporting documents to send to your Social Security branch. Where to book your COVID test in French in Barcelona.

Is a medical prescription required for Insurance refund of COVID-19 test in Barcelona?

Recommendations to obtain a refund for a COVID test cost on health or travel Insurance. PCR and antigen test laboratory in Barcelona offering a doctor’s prescription included free with the test.

COVID-19 PCR or antigen test without medical prescription in Barcelona

How to get a PCR or antigen test in Barcelona without a medical prescription. Factors to consider before choosing your COVID-19 test laboratory for travel, including FIT-TO-FLY test travel certificates.

Barcelona laboratories for PCR test and antigen tests open during Easter

Where to get a COVID-19 Test during the Easter holiday period in Barcelona. Laboratories in Barcelona open for PCR tests and antigen tests during Easter vacation.

How to fly to Barcelona Airport if you have a positive PCR test

How you you fly to Barcelona Airport if you had COVID, are fully recovered but keep testing positive to coronavirus. Travel documentation needed for Spain if you have a positive PCR test.

FAQs on layovers or transits at Barcelona Airport during COVID-19

Frequently asked questions on procedures and documents required required for transit, layovers or stopovers at Barcelona airport during COVID times.

FAQs on COVID-19 testing for minors in Barcelona, Spain

Frequently asked questions on COVID antigen and PCR tests for kids in Barcelona : type of test recommended, authorizations needed from parents when minor is alone, accompanying minors to the test centre.

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