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COVID-19 FAQs For Visitors To Barcelona

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Latest update: 07 October 2022

COVID-19 Test Requirements When Arriving by Train in Barcelona

COVID-19: Travel By Car From France To Barcelona, Rules and Regulations

Can I Order COVID-19 Tests For Other People in Private Labs of Barcelona?

Labs Open During the Weekend to Get a PCR Test or an Antigen Test in Barcelona

Where to Get a PCR Test and a Rapid Antigen Test to Fly from Barcelona to Amsterdam

How to Get a Refund in France for Barcelona PCR Test?

Is a medical prescription required for Insurance refund of COVID-19 test in Barcelona?

COVID-19 PCR or antigen test without medical prescription in Barcelona

Barcelona laboratories for PCR test and antigen tests open during Easter

How to fly to Barcelona Airport if you have a positive PCR test

FAQs on layovers or transits at Barcelona Airport during COVID-19

FAQs on COVID-19 testing for minors in Barcelona, Spain

FAQs on COVID testing in Barcelona for cruise travellers

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