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Where to Get a Medical Prescription to Have Your PCR or Antigen Test Expense Covered by Your Insurance Policy

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Latest update: 07 October 2022

Question: I need to do a PCR test in Barcelona. My Travel Insurance covers PCR test expenses if my PCR test has been prescribed by a doctor. How can I get a medical prescription for my PCR test to claim a refund from my Travel Insurance?

Answer: If you’re a tourist in Barcelona and need to get a COVID test while in Barcelona, whether it’s for medical reasons or to travel back to your home country, you might indeed be entitled to a refund depending on your Health Insurance or your Travel Insurance policy.

We recommend you check in advance if your Public Health Insurance, your Private Health insurance or your Travel Insurance covers you for COVID-19 tests taken abroad. If they do, we also recommend you to check which are the supporting documents you’ll need to send to your insurance to claim a refund for your coronavirus related expenses.

If your Health Insurance or Travel Insurance covers PCR or antigen tests taken abroad for Coronavirus they’ll most certainly request you to provide the invoice for the test with your claim for reimbursement. They might also request you to provide a doctor’s prescription for your test.

The medical centres and laboratories for COVID tests listed on the pages below can provide an official invoice for your COVID test, automatically or upon request:

If you need to get a PCR or an antigen test in Barcelona, we recommend you read the following pages:

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If you book your PCR test or your antigen test via a clinic or laboratory in Barcelona other than the one we recommend on this page, please ensure that you will receive an official VAT invoice (not a receipt) which will be accepted by the French Health Insurance before you book your PCR test. Please note that a normal receipt for payment of the Coronavirus test is not enough. You will need to ensure to get an official VAT invoice in order to claim it back from the French Social Security. Bear in mind that if the VAT invoice is not automatically sent by the laboratory to your email, you will need to contact the laboratory by phone or email to request your VAT invoice.

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