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Can I Order COVID-19 Tests For Other People in Private Labs of Barcelona?

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Latest update: 07 October 2022

Question: I’d like to book a coronavirus test for me and a family member and for a friend online. Can I order COVID-19 tests for other people while I’m making my own online booking for a test in Barcelona?

Answer: Depending on the laboratories where you'll book your COVID-19 test, you'll be able to add several additional people to your test booking or you'll need to do a separate booking for each person you want to book a COVID test to. You can also book a coronavirus test exclusively for other people.

On the pages below, you'll find links to a list of several testing centres in Barcelona for PCR and antigen tests. The testing centres highlighed in green on the tables on the pages have booking forms that enable you to easily book a PCR or an antigen test for multiple people:

For the testing centres not highlighted in green on the above-mentioned pages, the booking process for more than one person has to be done in a specific way because their medical reservations systems were not designed to make group bookings, they were designed to make bookings only for one people for a medical consultation. We will however explain the steps you need to take to make bookings for more than one person for the testing centres that are not highlighted in green on the above-mentioned pages:

You can order a COVID-19 test for you or another person by completing 3 steps:

1. Confirm the COVID-19 test you want to book.

2. Fill out the online form. The first field of the form will ask you if you’re booking for yourself or for someone else. Create your account or the account for the person you’re booking for entering the details requested. You will be requested to enter an email address; you can enter yours if the person you’re booking for doesn’t have an email address or can’t check his emails. You can enter the email of the person you’re booking for.

3. Proceed and complete your payment.

You can only book a COVID-19 test for one person at a time. If you want to book a test for another person, you will need to place another booking by completing again the 3 steps explained above.

Make sure to save the account username and password as you’ll need to log into the account to view the test results. After booking, you will receive a COVID-19 test booking confirmation sent to the email you indicated on the booking form.

Whether you book a test only for yourself, exclusively for other people, or for yourself and other people, you must always bring the confirmation email of the test appointment confirmation to the lab on the day you or the other person will get tested, on your mobile phone or printed. If you booked for someone else with your email address, make sure to forward by email or print out the booking confirmation for the person that will get tested. You will not be able to get your COVID test if you do not have your booking confirmation with you on the day of your test.

If you want to arrange COVID tests for a group from 6 people onwards, you will find information by clicking on the button below. COVID test for groups with special group discounts can be arranged for groups from 6 people to hundreds of people.

Question: My 12 year old son will be in Barcelona without his parents visiting family members, and he will need to take a COVID test to get back home. Can I order a COVID test for him? Can the grandmother or aunt take him to a test centre with my permission to take a COVID test?

Answer: Yes, minors under the age of 18 can get a COVID test without their parents, so you will be able to book a COVID test for him.

Minors under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult (i.e., a person of at least 18 years of age, in that case, his grandmother or aunt).
Minors from the age of 14 can get tested without being accompanied by another adult and can go to the testing centre by themselves.
We have identified a test centre near the Sagrada Familia that performs antigen tests and PCR tests where your son will be able to get tested by bringing the following documents:

1. A printed authorization signed by his parents or legal guardian. The authorization will be provided by the testing centre by email upon request. You will first need to make your appointment request by filling out the form above. Once the testing centre confirms your exact appointment time by email, you´ll need to request them to send you the authorization that will need to be filled out and signed by the parents or legal guardian of the minor.

Important : The date that the parents will need to write at the very bottom of the authorization needs to be the date of the test.

2. A printed copy of the Identity Document of the parent or legal guardian that has signed the authorization.

Detailed information on the requirements for minors to get tested without their parents or legal guardian are provided at the bottom of the following pages, on which you will also be able to book an appointment for your COVID test:

Test centre for antigen tests near the Sagrada Familia

Test centre for PCR tests near the Sagrada Familia

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