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COVID-19 online video consultation with a doctor

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On this page you’ll find information about online-video consultations with a doctor in Barcelona if you need to discuss coronavirus symptoms or any other COVID related question.

We explain in detail how to get personalized help to choose the right COVID-19 test if you need it through a video call in your own language. We also explain how you can arrange an online video consultation if you have any COVID symptoms or COVID-related question that you’d like to discuss with a doctor.

We have provided links to the private clinic of Barcelona that offers these service where you can book your coronavirus video consultation with a general medical practitioner.

What are the advantages to book an online video consultation?

1. If you want to get medical advice on any COVID-19 related matter quickly: you can book an online video appointment for the very same day.
2. If you want to confirm any COVID-19 symptoms from the comfort of your home in your own language: consultations are available in Spanish, English and French.
3. If you want to have a specific type of test to meet a requirement you can discuss that specific test and learn all about it on the video call.
4. With a video call you can clarify exactly which test you need before you have the test.
5. If you want to get any doubt answered by a doctor before of after getting tested
6. If you choose to you can also setup a second video call to discuss your test results with the doctor to determine if you need to take a specific course of actions or if you just want any other clarifications regarding your test results.

Price, duration and doctor availability for a COVID video consultation

COVID-19 video consultations
Price: €60.00
Duration: 20 Minutes

COVID-19 video consultations are available on the schedule show below with appointment slots every 30 minutes:
Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 19:00
Saturday: 08:00 - 14:00

Our Insider Tip

Upon booking your COVID-19 video consultation, the clinic will automatically issue an invoice for you so that you can present it to your social security or travel insurance and get refunded back home if you're a tourist in Barcelona.

Official VAT invoice and medical prescription provided? Includes a VAT invoice that you will need to claim a refund to your health or travel insurance back home. Anyone can book a COVID-19 online video consultation, from tourists, locals and expats.

Steps to prepare before making your booking

If you book an online video consultation we recommend you to have all your questions prepared and carefully thought out in advance of the video call to make sure you don’t forget anything. When you pay for the conference call it is only 20 Minutes long and must be taken in one sitting, even if you only use a few minutes of the 20 Minutes you cannot call back without paying for another call therefore we strongly advise to spend a little time in advance to get all your doubts and questions together on paper before you have your video call with the medical practitioner.

How to book your COVID-19 online video consultation

Upon clicking on the booking link provided above you will be redirected to the website of the COVID-19 test clinic to complete your video consultation. The booking process has 5 steps as follows:
1. Click on ‘Book your video consultation / COVID-19 information’ button at the bottom of the page
2. Click on ‘search services of a doctor’ and on ‘COVID-19 – Select your test’
3. Choose the video consultation and select your online appointment date and time
4. Fill out the form and create your account entering the details requested
5. Proceed to payment
After booking you will receive your booking confirmation to your email.
You will also receive a link by email to join the video consultation 15 minute prior to your online video consultation.


If you have questions or doubts either before or after your COVID-19 test or any coronavirus related questions you can arrange for a video consultation with a medical expert in your own language. Remember that the video consultations must be taken in one sitting therefore it is advised to have all your questions prepared and written down in advance of the video call. Upon booking you will receive an invoice that you can present at your social security, health insurance or travel insurance back home to get a refund.

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