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Find Your COVID-19 Testing Requirements for Cruise Passengers to Board a Marella cruise in Tarragona and Book Your Pre-Boarding FIT-TO-CRUISE certificate

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Latest update: 07 October 2022

For each cruise ship we provide a link to a page for that specific cruise ship that will enable you to make a booking for your Pre-Boarding FIT-TO-CRUISE COVID test at the Express Cruise ship COVID testing centre.

Cruise Ships Departure Dates

Marella cruise liner operates the following cruise ships leaving Tarragona port:

Marella Discovery 2

Click here to make your booking for your FIT-TO-CRUISE pre-boarding COVID test for Marella Discovery 2

Departure dates from Tarragona for Marella Discovery 2:

Date not confirmed

Finally, if you need to check the COVID test requirements to fly back to your country, we recommend you check the page below:

COVID-19 travel and test requirements to fly from Tarragona to destinations in Europe, North America, South America, Middle East and Asia

COVID-19 entry requirements for Spain

Before boarding your Marella cruise from Tarragona, you will first need to enter Spain and therefore meet the COVID-19 entry requirements for Spain, which we explain below.

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