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Where to get COVID-19 rapid antigen test in Sant Andreu area of Barcelona

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Latest update: 23 June 2022

On this page, you’ll be able to book your coronavirus antigen test -also referred to as rapid antigen test or quick antigen test- at a private laboratory in the Sant Andreu area of Barcelona.

We also cover the closest metro station from the laboratory, opening times and other details you'll want to know before booking your test.

We have included a link for you to book your antigen test as you’ll first need to make your booking and pay for your test online before going to the laboratory with your booking confirmation to get tested.

You will obtain a FIT-TO-FLY antigen test certificate, which is the document you need for taking flights or other transport to another country.

Before booking your antigen test, make sure to first confirm which type of test your destination country requires.

Important information

This laboratory works without appointments, meaning that you can go the laboratory whenever you want during its opening times to get your test, as long as you make your COVID test booking on the website of the laboratory by clicking on the blue booking button provided below. Note that we’ve been informed by the laboratories that Monday, Friday and Saturday are extremely busy days for COVID tests and that you may have to queue for up to 4 hours before getting your test done. Whether you get tested on Monday, Friday or Saturday (if the laboratory is open on Saturday) or on any other less busy day of the week, we recommend you go to the laboratory with plenty of time ahead of you and to be prepared to wait in line.

The exact address of the laboratory will be given to you on the confirmation you'll receive once you have made your booking. The metro line you will need to take to go to the laboratory is given below.

MetroMetro: Fabra i Puig (Red Line, L1)

Antigen test price: €33.00

Opening days and times of the laboratory:
Monday - Friday: 07:30 - 14:30
Saturday: 08:00 - 15:00
Sunday: Closed

Test specificity: 99.4% - The antigen test certificate you'll get is valid to fly, also referred to as FIT-TO-FLY as long as antigen tests are accepted to enter your country of destination

How quick you’ll get your antigen test certificate: You’ll get your antigen test results online within 1 hour maximum on the schedule shown below:
Monday - Saturday

You will receive free SMS once your results are ready for you to consult them online and download them.

Official VAT invoice provided? This laboratorycan provide an invoice upon request. If your home-country health or travel insurance covers COVID-related expenses abroad, you will need to send them the invoice for your test along with your claim for reimbursement. If you need an invoice, simply send an email to the laboratory to request your invoice, after you’ve received your booking confirmation.

Appointment needed to get your antigen test?
No, you won’t need to make an appointment. After booking your test and receiving your booking confirmation, you can go to the laboratory to get your antigen test whenever you want during the laboratory opening hours.

Customer support available in: English and Spanish.

Steps to prepare before making your antigen test booking:

1. To book your test, you will first need to create an account with your email, a password and your mobile phone number.

2. You will receive a confirmation code by SMS so make sure that your phone is switched on.

3. You will need to enter the SMS confirmation code to finalize your account creation. This is to ensure your email address and phone number are correct so that the lab can send your COVID test booking confirmation to your email and can also send you a SMS when your test certificate is ready for you to download from your account.

4. You will also need to enter your personal details (name, last name, date of birth, passport or ID number) that will show on your test certificate.

5. To finalize your booking, you will need to pay for your test online so make sure you have your credit card with you.

Steps to get your antigen test in Barcelona

1. After booking your test online, you’ll receive your booking confirmation by email with a confirmation code and a link to view the address of the laboratory and its opening hours, that you can also find above on this page.

2. Go to the laboratory during its opening times and show your booking confirmation code. You can either print your booking confirmation or show it from your mobile phone. No appointment is needed, just go to the lab whenever you want during its opening hours.

3. Get tested.

4. You will receive an SMS to your mobile phone once your results are available and the link to access your results to consult them online and download them.

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