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VO Cinemas in Barcelona (Original language cinemas)

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Whilst on your holidays you may fancy a bit of downtime. A trip to the cinema can be the perfect way to relax on holiday. Throughout Barcelona there are "Version Original" cinemas or VO cines, as they are known locally. These cinemas show films in their original language - often times that is English. However, other languages are also available, e.g. French and German. If you are in search of the latest blockbuster, the Yelmo Icària cinema (see below) is the place that you are most likely to find it. In general, the version original language cinemas tend to offer a mixture of new releases and art-house favourites.

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This page will provide listing for original language cinemas in Barcelona. You can see exactly were each cinema is located on the map we have provided. You can click on the link for each Barcelona VO cine and for a more in-depth page showing the exact location of the cinema on a Barcelona map, opening times, the sorts of films on offer and how to purchase tickets.

Our Insider Tip

In Barcelona original language cinemas are called V.O. This stands for Version Original". So look out for the symbol "V.O." on the film posters."

Map showing the locations for each VO Cinema in Barcelona. Click on any one of the markers to visit our in-depth guide to that cinema

A: Ciné Melies E: Renoir Floridablanca
B: Cinemes Girona F: Renoir Les Corts
C: Cines Verdi Barcelona G: Yelmo Icària
D: Filmoteca de Catalunya Cine H. Cinema Malda

Location map showing the VO Cinemas in Barcelona, Spain.

Yelmo Icària
Carrer Salvador Espiriu, 61
Cinema Malda
Carrer del Pi, 5
Renoir Floridablanca
Carrer Floridablanca, 135
Cine Melies
Carrer de Villaroel, 102
Cinemes Girona
Carrer Girona, 175
Cines Verdi Barcelona
Carrer Verdi, 32
Filmoteca de Catalunya Cine
Plaça de Salvador Segui, 1 - 9
Renoir Les Corts
Calle Eugeni d'Ors, 12
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Our Insider Tip

In Barcelona, many cinemas offer half price ticket deals on a Monday night. This is subject to change and depends on the individual cinema. If you are looking for the half price deals it is best to check the website of the cinema that you are heading to and see if they offer the Monday deal.

There are a wide variety of options for original language cinemas in Barcelona. Have a look at the options available and choose the one with a metro stop that is most convenient for you.

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