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Renoir Cinema

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There are two Renoir version original cinemas in Barcelona - Renoir Floridablanca and Renoir Les Corts. You will find a different selection of films in each cinema. The Renoir Floridablanca cinema has 7 screens and the Renoir Les Corts has 6. Both cinemas show new release films that are likely to appeal to a more art house crowd.

Renoir Floridablanca VO cinema

Renoir Floridablanca
Carrer Floridablanca, 135
08015 Barcelona, España.

Tel: +34 93 228 9393 (information line)

MetroMetro: Estació Sant Antoni (Purple Line, L2)

Web: Official Renoir Floridablanca Website

Map showing the location of Renoir Floridablanca Cinema in Barcelona

Renoir Floridablanca VO Cinema in Barcelona, Spain.

Liceu Metro
Catalunya Metro
Catalunya Metro
Urgell Metro
Sant Antoni Metro
Universitat Metro
Universitat Metro
Renoir Floridablanca VO cinema Barcelona
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Tickets for Renoir Cinemas

Prices of tickets:
€7.00 : normal ticket on Mondays to Fridays
€9.40 : normal ticket on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
€7.70 : Monday price ticket

How to buy tickets:

At the venue: you can buy tickets at the ticket office in the cinema.
Online: Buy the tickets online by clicking on 'comprar entrada' on the home page of the official Renoir cinemas website (when you have decided which of the Renoir cinemas you will be going to, click on the link above). This will take you through to a website where you can pay for the tickets on a card (unfortunately, the website is not available in English). You will need the card that you used to pay for the tickets to pick them up from a machine at the cinema.

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