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Public Holidays in Barcelona 2022. Bank Holiday Festivals and Celebrations.

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This page summarizes the official public holidays in Barcelona. Many of these days are also important festivals and celebrations. All of the days below are bank holidays where the majority of shops and banks are closed.

Official public holidays in Barcelona
Year: 2022

Bank holidays in Barcelona

Please note the days listed below do not include Saturdays and Sundays during the holiday periods.

In general most shops are open on Saturdays (provided it is not a public holiday festival or celebration) but closed on Sundays. However many restaurants are open during the weekends.

There are changes to the festival dates each year and some of these important Barcelona heritage celebrations occur in some years but not in others. It is important therefore to check this page each year before planning your holiday.

Festivals and celebrations that have official public holidays in Barcelona during 2022

01 January New Year's Day.

06 January Epiphany (Three Kings Day. Note however the 3 Kings arrival parade takes place on the evening of 05 January).

15 April Good Friday.

18 April Easter Monday.

01 May Labour Day.

06 June Whit Monday (The Monday day after Pentacost. Pentacost is always celebrated on Sunday).

24 June St. John's Day festival - Otherwise known as Sant Joan - fireworks, bonfires and beach parties are the order of the day.

15 August Assumption Day.

11 September National day of Catalonia.

24 September La Mercè festival - The biggest, most colourful and wild festival in Barcelona - make sure you are in a party mood!

12 October Columbus Day.

01 November  All Saints Day

06 December Constitution Day.

08 December Day of the Immaculate Conception.

25 December Christmas Day.

26 December Boxing Day / Saint Stephen's Day.

Opening hours for Barcelona Attractions During Bank Holiday celebrations

For the opening hours of the Barcelona attractions during these holiday periods I recommend you check the official websites for each attraction that are given throughout this site. The opening times for the attractions can vary and can change at short notice which makes it difficult to monitor these individually.

Opening hours of Barcelona attractions throughout the year.

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