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Restaurants Open during the Christmas Period in Barcelona

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Many restaurants will be open during the Christmas period in Barcelona - (Christmas and New Year). On this page you will find a selection of restaurants that have confirmed that they will also be open on the 25 December and 26 December. So rest assured you're not going to go hungry on Christmas day.

I recommend you click on the name of each restaurant to visit their web sites to get more information. Many of these restaurants are booked up weeks in advance of the Christmas period. Therefore, it is a good idea to reserve your places as soon as you possibly can.

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La Botiga
Arenas de Barcelona
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 373 - 385
08015 Barcelona, España.

Tel: +34 93 425 3656

Boix de la Cerdanya
Avinguda dels Ports d'Europa, 100
08040 Barcelona, España.

Tel: +34 93 552 5794


El Trapio
Esperanca, 25
08017 Barcelona, España.

Tel: +34 93 211 5817

Real Compania Cervecera Casa Fernandez
Santalo, 46
08021 Barcelona, España.

Tel: +34 93 201 9308

Pasaje de la Concepción, 5
08008 Barcelona, España.

Tel: +34 93 487 0621

La Rambla, 20
08002 Barcelona, España.

Tel: +34 93 302 1037

Gran de Gracia, 81
08012 Barcelona, España.

Tel: +34 93 218 4230

El Asador De Aranda
Avinguda del Tibidabo, 31
08022 Barcelona, España.

Tel: +34 93 417 0115

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