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Barcelona Easter (Semana Santa) - Opening Hours for Shops, Attractions and Restaurants, Transport Hours, And How to Find low-cost Accommodation During Easter in Barcelona

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Site visitors have written in asking about the Barcelona Easter holidays (known as Semana Santa) to find out if attractions, restaurants, shops and transport are going to be open /operating in Barcelona over the Easter period.This page will deal primarily with these practicalities. We have also included more detailed pages on activities and timetables for Easter's holy week at the foot of this page under the "Related Pages" section.

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Accommodation For A Barcelona Easter Visit.

Easter is a very popular time to visit Barcelona. Thousands of additional visitors from all over Europe flock to Barcelona during this period for a short break.

It can be difficult to find available accommodation at a reasonable price if you leave your accommodation search for only a few weeks before the Easter period. It's therefore highly recommended that you arrange your accommodation as soon as possible.

Hotels offering low-cost rooms during Easter in Barcelona

If you are having difficulties finding an available room in a hotel it may be worth looking at a holiday apartment rental as an alternative. Often tourists don't consider an apartment rental as an accommodation option and therefore you may have more of an opportunity to find a place to stay at an affordable price if you consider this as an option. Also you get the modern conveniences of home with a lounge etc for close to the same price as a standard hotel room.

Holiday Apartment Rental Article

Hotel Search

We have created a Barcelona Hotel Map Page which will help you to find your Barcelona hotel: Barcelona Hotel Map

Which Attractions Are Open During Easter in Barcelona?

I have created several pages of information that give descriptions of the main attractions in Barcelona including the museums and art galleries and a new page outlining the top 10 Barcelona attractions.

When it comes to opening hours for attractions, I recommend going directly to the official websites as the source for the most accurate information.

Each attraction has its own operating hours, and as you can imagine, keeping track of the opening hours for several hundred attractions in Barcelona is difficult to do. However I have given the official web addresses for the main attractions and you can check directly with the official websites for the exact opening hours for each.

How to look up the opening hours for some of Barcelona's most popular tourist attractions

Our Insider Tip

Even if an attraction is closed you can still have a wonderful experience viewing the site from the outside, e.g. Gaudí's Casa Batlló, La Pedrera (Casa Mila) and the Sagrada Família all offer amazing views from the outside.

There are also many other sights of interest in which you do not have to enter in order to appreciate the attraction e.g. walking around the Gothic quarter with historic streets and buildings, Barcelona Cathedral, and the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc. You can visit all these attractions without having to walk through the entrance door.

Shopping in Barcelona at Easter

Shops in Barcelona will be closed on Sundays and any official public holiday. I've created a page showing the official public holidays in Barcelona. You will see the public holidays during the Easter period on that page.

Official Barcelona Public Holidays Page

Restaurants Open During the Semana Santa Period

Many restaurants will be operating as normal during the Easter period. However, as with any holiday period, some restaurants will have their doors closed.

I have compiled a list of restaurants that have stated that they will be open during the Easter periods.

I've done the best I can to check this restaurant list however it is recommended that you do a final check personally before your visit if you have a specific restaurant in mind that you want to dine at. You can do this by checking the official websites for the restaurants you are interested in. I've provided links to their websites next to each of the restaurants.

Restaurants With Doors Open During The Barcelona Easter Period

Transport During A Barcelona Easter Period

Transport in Barcelona will be operating however you may experience reduced hours of operation during the public holidays and Sunday.

For timetable information I recommend you check, once again, directly with the official transport websites for each of the transport systems you are intend to use.

I've provided links to the official websites that cover the transport system in Barcelona. Each of these links is given next to the information for that particular transport method.

To help you find all the transport information pages I've created a new page, which links to all the transport pages on the site.

Barcelona Transport Summary Page

Weather updates live from Barcelona

Visit our weather pages to see what the weather is like:

Climate in Barcelona

5 day weather forecast for Barcelona

To see more detailed information on what is happening at Easter in Barcelona please see our related pages links below.

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