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Events in Barcelona: Index For Barcelona Events. Barcelona Events Categorised into Sports, Music, Saints Days and Trade Shows.

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This page provides an index for the major events taking place in Barcelona's calendar year. Click on the links to find more detailed information on each event.

Barcelona has a busy social schedule these include public holidays, sports events, music events and trade shows. Whilst planning your trip to Barcelona it is worth checking whether it will coincide with any major events. You may find that you want to get tickets for something whilst you are here. Alternatively, you may decide that there are certain events that you would prefer to avoid. For example, if you are in Barcelona at the same time as the Sonar music festival, you will find that a lot of the hotels and apartments increase their prices due to the increased demand.

Saints days and public holidays in Barcelona

For a listing of the saint days in Barcelona, see our Bank Holiday Festivals and Celebrations page. The ones that you may find of particular note are:

15 April 2022 - 18 April 2022: Easter weekend (see our Barcelona Easter timetable page) for further details on what to expect).

23 April: Sant Jordi fiesta - Catalunya's equivalent to Valentines Day (for full details, see our Sant Jordi festival.

23 June - 24 June: Sant Joan - the summer solstice (for full details, see our Sant Joan Festival).

August Gràcia Festival. The streets of Gràcia are transformed with themed decorations and the entire neighbourhood becomes one big outdoor party.

24 September: La Mercè fiesta (for full details, see our guide to La Mercè).

08 December: Feast of the Immaculate Conception (for full details, see our Guide to the Feast of the Immaculate Conception).

08 December - 06 January: Christmas period see our Christmas Traditions in Barcelona guide for local information on what takes place, plus links to detailed pages on the different events over the Christmas period).

Sports events in Barcelona

03 April 2022: Barcelona Marathon 2022 (for full details, see our Barcelona Marathon page).

20 May 2022 - 22 May 2022: Formula 1 Grand Prix

31 December: Barcelona 10k Race (for full details, check our Frequently Asked Questions).

Music events in Barcelona

02 June 2022 - 12 June 2022: Primavera Sound Festival (for full details, see our Primavera Sound page).

16, 17, 18 June 2022: Sonar Electronic Music Festival (for full details, see our Sonar Guide page).

24 September: La Mercè festival (see above in Saint Days).

Event date not yet confirmed: Barcelona Jazz Festival (for further details see our Barcelona Jazz Festival page).

Our Insider Tip

This page only provides details on the major events taking place in the Barcelona calendar year. For more detailed information on events that are taking place during your trip, have a look at the Official Barcelona Tourist Office Agenda page.

Barcelona is a city that is always a hive of activity. Do some research prior to you trip on what's on the city and you may be in for some pleasant surprises.

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