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Track Days at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

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A view of the track
A view of the track
This may be the ultimate gift for fans of Formula 1, Moto GP or simply those with a need for speed! On selected days of the year, Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya opens its racetrack to the public. For a small fee, drivers are given the opportunity to bring their own vehicle onto the racetrack, where they are given twenty minutes to do some laps of the circuit.

Of course, there are strict rules on how this should be carried out (see more details below). However, for many, it may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to put their vehicle and their driving skills to the test in a way that would not be legal on normal roads.

What happens on Track Days

Prior to being permitted to the track you will be given a briefing on safety and how to drive on the track. The vehicle will be checked (see more details below in 'Rules') and a helmet is provided.

You will be given twenty minutes on the track. During this time professionals will be keeping an eye on you from the CCTV room, where there are 49 TV screens of various places on the track. If you appear to be driving dangerously Marshals at the side of the track will wave a flag to tell you to slow down.


Tickets are available for the largest track (the Grand Prix track) and may be purchased at the Circuit.

Prices are as follows:

Grand Prix Track: €59.40
Pit Rental: €58.30
Helmet Rental: €7.00


It is necessary to contact the Circuit for details of the dates on which Track Days are taking place. On these days there are separate times for cars and for motorbikes.

Track days dates and booking


  1. Motorcycles: Motorcycles must be from 125 cc. You must wear the necessary equipment -gloves, boots, leather suit and helmet.
  2. Cars: Both you and the passenger must (if there is one) must wear helmets.
  3. You must be at least 16 years old. People between the ages of 16 and 18 must provide an authorization for minors and a photocopy of the passport of their father, mother or tutor.

Transport to the Circuit

For details on how to get to the circuit please see our
Your Guide To The Formula 1 Barcelona Grand Prix

However, please note that the shuttle buses only run for the days of the Grand Prix. For the rest of the year it they do not run.

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