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Gràcia Festival : Street Festival (Festa Major) August 2022

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Each year in August the streets of Barcelona's Gràcia district come alive with a week-long fiesta that sees the barrio transformed.

Colourful street displays during the Gràcia Festival.
Colourful street displays during the Gràcia Festival.

La Fiesta de Gràcia is an eagerly awaited event in Barcelona's busy calendar. If you are in Barcelona in August make sure that you head to the up-town district of Gràcia to see what this unique festival is all about.

Watch out! There is a dinosaur about.
Watch out! There is a dinosaur about.

This page will provide details of what to expect from the festival. There is also details on how to get to the festival, when it takes place and links to the official website.

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What to expect from Gràcia festival

Gràcia is an area of up-town Barcelona that is famed for its laid-back bohemian atmosphere, bustling squares and vibrant bar and café life. To get an overview of the barrio and what it has to offer, check our Barrio Guide to Gràcia.

These colourful lights looking rather like umbrellas lights are suspended above the street
These colourful lights looking rather like umbrellas lights are suspended above the street.

The concept of Gràcia festival is that streets in the neighbourhood compete to win the prize of being the best decorated street.

Gràcia festival street decorations.
Gràcia festival street decorations.

Each street tends to take the competition seriously and the standards are high. A theme is chosen by each street and this can cover anything from Roman wrestling to underwater sea life. Walk through the streets of Gràcia and you will be amazed by the canopies of colourful decoration that are above you and the creativity and originality that each street demonstrates.

There's plenty of street stalls selling food on the day.
There's plenty of street stalls selling food on the day.

Throughout the week of festivities there will be various concerts and shows taking place. To make sure that you don't miss out, check the official Fiesta de Gràcia website in the lead-up to the fiesta for further details of the programme (see below for the link).

Gràcia festival street events. Everything stops for the fiesta.
People enjoying the Gràcia festival street events.

Do I need tickets?

Gràcia festival is a free fiesta that takes place in the streets of the barrio. It is completely open to the public so you won't need to buy any tickets to be able to attend the fiesta.

Bumper cars at the Gràcia Festival.
The Gràcia festival is popular with the kids and there are lots of activities for them to get involved.

Dates of the festival in 2022

Gràcia fiesta always takes place in August.

Date: 15 August - 21 August

Official website

As the fiesta draws closer you will be able to find out more information about the programme on the official Fiesta de Gràcia website. Unfortunately it is not available in English, so you may need to use this translation service to help you figure out what it says.

Web: Official Gràcia festival website

How to get to the event

Gràcia fiesta will take place throughout the streets of an area (or 'barrio') of Barcelona called Gràcia. To get to Gràcia you can take the metro to Fontana - this metro stop will land you right at the heart of Gràcia and from there you can start exploring.

MetroMetro: Fontana (Green line, L3)

For a real taste of what Barcelona's barrio life can offer, head to the Gràcia fiesta to see the area really come to life.

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