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Barcelona Fireworks Festival - La Mercè

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This page will give you an overview to the finale fireworks display that ends the La Mercè annual festival with a bang each year. The festival occurs in the late part of September but the exact program of events is not released by the town council until the first or second week in September. The late release of the schedule makes it notoriously difficult for tourists to plan their trips in advance since the exact schedule of the events for the festival are not know until a few weeks before the actual event.

We have also included some information about the Correfoc (fire run event) which also happens at the festival.

Each year the pyrotechnics display is performed near Plaça España in Montjuïc to bring a close to the La Mercè festival. The pyrotechnics show is the last main event of the festival. Thousands of spectators gather at Plaça España to watch the display each year and it is truly a breathtaking experience not to be missed.

Location: Av. de Maria Cristina /
Plaça d' España
Date:  Event date not yet confirmed
Time:  22:00

Correfoc - Fire Run

The Correfoc (which literally means fire run in Catalan) is one of the main events of the La Mercè festival. It takes place normally on the Saturday and Sunday evenings of the festival.

correfoc and devils in the streets of Barcelona
Correfoc - Barcelona fire run

Correfoc (Fire run)
Passeig de Gracia (between Carrer del Rosselló - Carrer d'Aragó)
Date: Event date not yet confirmed
Time: (Juniors): 18:30
Time: (Adults): 20:00 

Correfoc fire run in Barcelona
Sparkers fly all around at the Correfoc

If you are aiming to visit the Correfoc make sure to bring long-sleeved clothing, head protection (scarf or hooded jacket) and goggles or glasses. Make sure your clothing is made with a non-flammable material. Sparkers are often deliberately sprayed into the crowds as you can see in the photo below and you will need this protection to prevent any possible burns.

corre foc devils
Correfoc devils spraying the crowds with sparklers

The photos shown are in the actual street however you can always stand further back to avoid coming into contact with sparkers.

Devils dancing at the Correfoc - fire run.
Devils dancing in the streets during the Correfoc

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