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English Language Program of Main Events For La Mercè Festival in Barcelona 2023

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This page with a summary of the program of main events for La Mercè. We have focused only on the main events that are the highlights of the event. There are many more other activities going around the city however it is much simpler to plan around these main events and then see what else is going on at the time.

Dates for La Mercè 2023

Date: Event date not yet confirmed

Please note that the town council have issued a notice stating that scheduled events can be subject to change without notice, so please bear this in mind when making your plans.

Main Events for La Mercè

Catalan Dancing (Sardana Cultural Dancing) Festival opening event.
Location: Plaça de la Mercè
Date:  Event date not yet confirmed
Time: 19:00 
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Sardana Dancing

The festival events open with the famous Catalan dancing (Sardana dancing) in front of Barcelona Cathedral in Avenida de Catedral. Traditional dance costumes will be worn which will make this an eye catching event. We have a dedicated page on the background to Catalan Dancing which you may also find interesting to read before you attend. Otherwise just turn up to the event and remember to bring your cameras.

Inaugural Parade

Giant size characters, dragons and other effigies roam the streets of Barcelona all followed by a procession of drums and percussion instruments.

Location: Start: Palau de la Virreina
(route) La Rambla, Calle Ferran, Plaça de Sant Miquel

Date: Event date not yet confirmed
Time:  19:00

Projection Shows

These shows are not to be missed, and a must-visit when you attend La Mercè. Watch multicoloured themed projection shows on the town council facade. Music and images and sound effects turn the city centre building facade into a show extravaganza.

La Merce cinematic projections
Amazing cinematic projections
Ajuntament de Barcelona
This is what the it looks like without the light projections.

Light projection show

Location: Plaça de la Mercè

Event date not yet confirmed

Fire beasts and dragon walk

Parade of the fire beasts. Fire breathing dragons and devils roam the streets of Barcelona. Warming up for the big event of the fire run on Sunday.

Location: Plaça Comercial (Route) Comerç, Princesa, Montcada, Sombrerers, Plaça Santa, Maria, Santa Maria, Passeig de Born, Plaça Comercial

Date: Event date not yet confirmed
Time: 21:00

Correfoc - Fire Run

Location: Passeig de Gracia (between Carrer del Rosselló - Carrer d'Aragó)
Date: Event date not yet confirmed
Children: 18:30
Adults: 20:00

The streets go wild with fire crackers, fireworks and devils running the streets of Barcelona. This is the highlight of La Mercè festival.

A demon preparing a fire weapon
Fire run. Devils meet fireworks.

More information on the pyrotechnics and fireworks display at the La Mercè.

The Gigantes - The giants parade is popular with the kids
The Gigantes - the giants parade is popular with kids

Gigantes (Giants Parade)

Location Plaça de Sant Jaume (Route): (Route): Carrer Ferran, La Rambla, Pintor Fortuny, Plaça dels Àngels, Montalegre.

Date:  Event date not yet confirmed
Time:  11:45

Giants Parade in Barcelona
Giants Parade

Castellers Human towers
Castellers: human towers

Castellers - Human Towers

Location: Plaça de Sant Jaume
Date: Event date not yet confirmed
Time: 13:00

The human towers is an incredible display of teamwork, focus, concentration and courage. Each person supports the other to create a human tower that can soar up to 10 meters into the sky. Watch with your heart in your mouth as a young child climbs to the top of the tower, waves a solute and then slides back down to safety. A display of teamwork, trust of one's partner and true grit courage.

Fireworks Finale

Location: Av. de Maria Cristina / Plaça d' España.
Date:  Event date not yet confirmed
Time:  22:00

This event is a world-class fireworks display and marks the end of the La Mercè festival. Thousands of people crowd in Plaça España to enjoy the event. This fireworks display will leave you breathless and is a spectacular end to the La Mercè festival. You simply cannot attend La Mercè and miss this event.

Full official program of La Mercè events in PDF format

La Mercè official website

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