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Barcelona Marathon 2024: Guide to 'Marato Barcelona's Race in The City Centre

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Barcelona city plays host to an annual marathon that sees the city inundated with runners from all over the world. Barcelona Marathon 2024 is fast approaching and if you plan on competing you will need to think about registering soon. Once you've sent off that application, there's no turning back and you will need to get started on your training. Good luck - I will be cheering from the sidelines!

This page provides the essential details necessary for competing in the Barcelona Marathon 2024 - date and times, how to register, the marathon route, links to training advice, information on related events and contact details for the organisers.

Date and times of The 2024 Marathon

Date: Event date not yet confirmed

Barcelona City Pass

Starting Point for the Marathon

The race begins at Avinguda de La Reina Maria Cristina (see below for more details of the race route).

The race start time: 08:00

The time limit for the race is 6 hours.

Although we always aim to give accurate information on dates and times of events they sometimes change without us being given noticed. Therefore we always recommend you check them directly with the official race organization's website that will be running the event.

Barcelona Marathon official website

Our Insider Tip

Make sure you buy travel insurance that covers you against cancellation or change of date of your airline tickets. The date of the Marathon could change and you don't want to be stuck with nonrefundable airline tickets.

How to register for Barcelona Marathon online:

To register online, it is necessary to go to the Official Barcelona Marathon Website - (Marato Barcelona) and fill in your details. The website is available in Spanish, Catalan, English and French, so you should not find it too difficult to fill in the form.

Online Registration
Last registration:
 Event date not yet confirmed

Prices for registration to Barcelona Marathon:

Until 10,000 participants: €65.00
From 10,001 - 17,000 participants: €78.00
From 17,001 participants: €89.00

Our Insider Tip

If you want to check that your registration has been processed, you can go to the Official Website and search your name under the section called 'Entry List'. Here you will be able to see yourself listed with your name, estimated race time, gender and country. You will also receive a confirmation letter in the post.

Running Route for the Marathon

The route for Barcelona Marathon 2024 begins at Avenida de La Reina Maria Cristina and leads out to Plaza Espanya. You then wind around a 25 mile circuit of Barcelona which have some of the most famous monuments en route. You will (hopefully) return at the same point as you left.

We recommend you familiarize yourself with the route by following the link below to the Barcelona Marathon route map which shows you the exact circuit you will take.

Note that the map has the words Sortida (Leaving point) and Arribada (End Point) clearly marked on the map.

Official Marathon Route Map you can print out a PDF with the full route of the race on it.

Every 5 km along the race route there will be a refreshment stand offering water, isotonic drinks, Vaseline, fruit and sponges.

Training advice

On the Official Website there is training advice given to all runners under 'The Runner's Corner' section. It is split into different advice depending on the time in which you hope to complete the race. Advice is provided regarding training and diet.

Official Contact details for the Marathon event

Marato de Barcelona 2024
Gran Via 8 - 10, Hospitalet de Llobregat
08902 Barcelona, España.

Official Marathon Website

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: +34 93 431 5533

If you have always wanted to attempt a marathon, what better way to do it than teamed with a trip to Barcelona? The temperature in March should prove pleasant enough but not too hot to be suitable for running conditions. Whilst registering for the trip, it is worth considering getting any flights and accommodation that you might need booked. See our Guide to Barcelona Hotels for help in finding somewhere to stay and our advice on how to find cheap flights to Barcelona.

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