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Barcelona Accommodation Options For School Class?

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Q: I am a teacher at a school in Denmark. We are planning a tour to Barcelona with a school class and are looking for accommodation in or around Barcelona, it might be a camping site, a cheap hotel or youth hostel. Can you give us some information on the options?

A: You have different accommodation options in and near Barcelona, they usually depend on how big your group is and at what time of year you wish to travel.

Camping Sites
We recommend you individually contact each campsite before your visit because they have different terms and conditions. In general, the camping sites and youth hostels have someone who can speak English. For detailed information and contact addresses regarding camping sites near Barcelona, please click on the link below:

Camping sites near Barcelona, includes contact details and general information

Youth hostels in Barcelona use to accept group reservations, but it depends on the time of the year and the age of your students. We recommend sending them an e-mail giving them the details of your trip. You will find the contact details of hostels in Barcelona by following the link below:

Hostels in Barcelona contact details and general information

There is another option which is called "cases de colonies" in Catalan. Here many Spanish school classes spend holidays, these centres are all officially recognised by the town. You can look them up by clicking on the area you are interested in around Barcelona on the map which is shown if you follow the link below:

Catalonia cases de colonies per area

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