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Barceloneta A Good Area For Accommodation?

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Q: I am considering renting an apartment in the Barceloneta neighbourhood, at the end of May. We are two women travelling alone. Would this be a safe area to walk to and from at night? Thanks for the safety tips in your website I'll take them to heart.

A: I would say that Barceloneta is a good area to choose your accommodation. It is a popular area for families because it is close to the beach and it has its own community atmosphere. However as with any other European city destination you will need to take common sense precautions. If you have read our safety article then you will be well versed on the steps that you need to take to ensure your personal safety in Barcelona

Tips on keeping safe when visiting Barcelona. Typical scams explained with advice on how to avoid being a victim.

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How To Find Where A Hotel Is Situated In Barcelona

If you wish to find a hotel in a specific Barcelona neighbourhood use our Barcelona hotel map page that has the hotels organized by area. You can click on the area you are interested in then click on the hotel your interested in on the map. You will then be taken to our full in-depth hotel review with the option to securely reserve that hotel if you wish.

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