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Camping Sites Close To Barcelona City Centre?

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Q: I will be travelling to Barcelona, what camping sites are not too far from downtown? Where can we take a bus or train to go downtown? Where is the nearest tourist information bureau to the campsite?

A: There are basically two camping sites near Barcelona. One is the Camping Tres Estrellas at Gava, the other one the Camping Masnou.

There is a third one, the Camping Barcelona which is further away. In fact, you need to decide if visiting Barcelona is more important for you than spending time at the beach as the beaches which are a little further away from Barcelona are nicer than the closer ones, but being nearer to Barcelona is more comfortable.

For a detailed description of each of the mentioned camping sites, their facilities, bus and train connections and contact details, please click on the link below:

Camping sites near Barcelona, includes description

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