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Family Accommodation In Barcelona?

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Q: We have been trying to reserve different hotels using online reservation services and find we are having a problem. When we indicate we have a child there is no availability. When we do not indicate there is a child there is availability in the hotel. Why is that? Do Barcelona hotels not like having children in hotel rooms?

A: The problem is that there are relatively few hotels in Barcelona that have what is called "Family Rooms" these are rooms that are specially adapted to have additional beds for children. I do realise your frustration with this issue and we have had quite a number of other people write in with the same problem.

We can suggest two options:

Family Friendly Hotels in Barcelona
We have compiled a list of hotels that are suitable for a family visit to Barcelona. You can click on the links on the following page and read our reviews of each hotel. We have also included secure online booking links if you would like to make a reservation:

Family friendly hotels in Barcelona

Family Apartment Rental
Instead of a hotel for your family accommodation you may consider an apartment rental which is much more suitable for family accommodation in Barcelona. You will also have cooking facilities and your own private bedroom with a separate room for the kids. The other advantage is it is often cheaper to hire an apartment for family accommodation in Barcelona than a hotel.

If you wish to find out more about renting an apartment in Barcelona for your family visit I recommend that you go to the following web page on our site where we undertook an interview with one apartment rental company in Barcelona. You can then submit your enquiry on that page, and they will help you find an apartment that will meet your needs and budget.

Family apartment rental in Barcelona

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