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Age Limit For Staying in a Youth Hostel In Barcelona?

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Q: Do the youth hostels only accept young people? We're looking for cheap accommodation and are both 55 years young.

A: This is an interesting question with quite different answers depending on the Youth Hostel. When talking to several youth hostels, we found out that there is no general rule. Some do not have any age limit. This is the most common case, e.g. at the Hostal Kabul, the Alberg Internacional, Alberg Mare de Deu de Montserrat or the Alberg Pere Tarres we were told there are no age limits. At the Alberg Internacional, there is an age limit up to 35, and at the Alberg Palau they told us that "it depends on how many people are in, in summer there will be booked up with young people". Therefore, the best thing to do is to contact the hostel directly after you've decided which one you wish to stay at to be sure there is no problem.

Please find a selection of popular Barcelona youth hostels by clicking on the following link:

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