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Check In And Check Out Times At Barcelona Hotels?

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Q: I will be going to Barcelona soon. My departure flight will not leave Barcelona until 20:00. I was wondering if it is possible to request a later check out time when booking and if it would cost any extra. Can you advise and even give me hotel names in the La Rambla area?

A: In general, the check in times of the hotels are between 12:00 noon and 14:30 (it depends on each hotel and the occupancy rates). Normally the check out times is before 12:00 noon. If you need a late check out, you have three main options.

Option 1.
When making your hotel reservation makes sure you ask the hotel if they offer late checkout. If they have low occupancy at the time, they may charge you a supplement for a late checkout. Ensure to ask how much is the supplement is for a late checkout, as these fees may vary. Some hotels charge about €50.00, others charge half of the price for a room. If the hotel is fully booked, it is unlikely that the hotel will offer you the late checkout option.

Option 2
Request the hotel reception to keep your luggage until your departure (after having checked out before 12:00 noon).

Option 3
If you really need the room, the final option is to pay for an entire additional night. You would need to decide about this at the time of booking because if the hotel is booked out, you will not be able to ask for the additional night once you are in Barcelona.

Note if you do not have any agreement about a late check out, but have not left your room by 12:00 noon, the hotels may charge you for a full additional night.

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