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How To Decide Which Hotel To Book In Barcelona?

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Q: Myself, my husband and a 9 year old child would like to have a week in Barcelona. We already have booked our flights. I am looking for a nice hotel if possible, with an indoor pool. Can you help us choose the right Barcelona hotel?

A: What we suggest is that you decide what your budget is, where you want to be based in the city then use our information on our site on the links below to identify the hotel you want.

To do this I recommend you first read our Barcelona areas (Barrios) guide to decide what location you would like to stay in. Then specify your budget for your hotel accommodation, and this will give you an idea of the star rating of your hotel. Then finally use our Barcelona hotel maps to identify the hotels in the areas you wish to stay in and read the descriptions of each hotel. We also provide links to a hotel reservation service that will enable you to book your hotel online.

Regarding hotels with special features like indoor swimming pools. One tip to quickly help you find which hotels have a swimming pool is to use our site search tool at the top of every page on our website and type in the search term Swimming Pool. This will give you a list of pages that contain that term. Once you have a list of these hotels, you would need to read the descriptions for each hotel to see if they have what you are looking for. Other than this we do not have a database with specific hotels with indoor swimming pools.

Here are the links that you will need to arrange your hotel accommodation in Barcelona:

Barcelona neighbourhoods guide
Barcelona Hotel Maps

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