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Wheelchair Accessible Hotels In Barcelona

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Q: We are looking for a double room in a hotel that has rooms specially adapted for wheelchair access for the disabled. Have you got a list of hotels that have specially adapted rooms for the disabled? P.S Do you know the Spanish for wheelchair/disabled?

A: Below is a short list of hotel in Barcelona that offer specially adapted rooms for the disabled.

Rafael hotel Casanova

Rafael hoteles Diagonal Port

Gran Hotel Torre Catalunya


Husa L ílla

Attica 21 Barcelona Mar

H10 Marina Barcelona

A guide to hotels with disabled access for wheelchair and limited mobility travellers.

If you use an online reservation service to make your bookings ensure to request specifically a room that is specially adapted for the disabled when you make your booking. Note however most online reservations services cannot guarantee that you will obtain a specially adapted room because this decision is left down to the discretion of the hotel. However you should most certainly follow up your booking with the online reservation company by telephone and specifically ask the reservation company to contact the hotel directly on your behalf to ensure the specially adapted room is reserved for you. If you do not do this follow up call you may not obtain the room and it is highly recommended that you do this follow up as soon as you have made your online booking.

Alternatively you can try ringing up hotels individually.

Here are some terms that you may wish to use if you make your own telephone calls.

English: "Access for the disabled"
Spanish: "Acceso para discapacitados"

English: Disabled
Spanish: Menos válidos

English: Wheelchair
Spanish: Sillas de Ruedas

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