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Is There a Mariner Lodging in Barcelona?

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Q: What are the contact details for the mariners' lodging in Barcelona?

A: Indeed there is a mariner lodging in Barcelona, called Casa del Mar. A mariner lodging is reserved exclusively for people who have been or are working as a mariner. You are admitted when still working or when you have been working formerly as a mariner, they will ask you for your mariner accreditation.

The lodging is comparable to a youth hostel, with simple rooms that include a bathroom (no telephone or TV). You can reserve a single, double or triple room. You can bring your family but are limited to one room per person with accreditation. Casa del Mar also has a recreation room for all hosts where you can watch television. They do not have a kitchen, but there is a bar. The only way to make a reservation is via telephone. The staff of Casa del Mar doesn't speak much English, but they do their best to understand and help, so you may need a little patience.

Reservation serivce
Operating hours:
 Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 20:00

Please find the contact details of the Casa del Mar below:

Casa del Mar
Carrer Albareda, 1
08004 Barcelona, España.
Tel: +34 93 441 4859

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