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How To Hire A Track Event at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Barcelona?

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Q: We are staying in Catalonia with our motorbikes and would like to run at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Can you advise what we need to run track sessions at Montmelo? We would like to know the following:

Opening days for track races at Montmelo?
What conditions are required to go racing?
Where is the track racing circuit?
How to reserve tickets for the track racing event?
How to buy tickets for the racing event?

A: Montmelo Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya offers "tandas" (track day sessions) to all bikers who would like to run on the track on specific days almost all the year (the season starts again in February). The track days open to the public are indicated on the official website of the Montmelo Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. To find the dates for the racing days, you need to choose "Services" on the website on the left-hand side and then "Track days". You need to be quick when purchasing your tickets - they are usually sold out the same day they are available. Every track (bikes or cars) lasts 30 minutes. Normally nonprofessionals run no more than two tracks (=1 hour) the same day. You should try to get tickets for the "Grand Prix track", this is the whole track. Usually, one part is closed to the public.

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Conditions for the bike required to participate in the track days:

  • Your bike needs to be at least 125 cc (Really? Yes!)
  • Technical inspection certificate of your motorbike.

Equipment you must bring on the day in order to participate in the track days:

  • gloves
  • leather suit
  • helmet and boots
  • minimum age 16 years with authorisation (see official website for details).

The ServiCaixa online ticket selling service offers the possibility to purchase them. For detailed information regarding the ServiCaixa service, visit the link below:

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya Online Ticket Reservation Service ServiCaixa, includes details on the purchasing process

For further information about the Race track of Montmelo Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, follow the link below:

Montmelo Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya Official website including general information and track days

If you are interested in finding out more about routes by bike in Catalonia and where to find road maps per "comarca" (county), visit the following link:

Catalonia routes by motorbike

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