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Where To Rent Water Jet Skis In Barcelona?

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Q: I'm going to Barcelona and would like to try out some hi-speed jet skiing. Could you recommend a place that rents jet skis?

A: There are few places where you can rent jet skis in Barcelona. However you are more likely to find a water jet ski rental shop in the surrounding coast areas. Many nautical clubs are private and the members normally have their own equipment.

Barcelona Jet Ski (Escape Fun, S.L.) offers the option of renting jet skis in Barcelona. It is an officially recognized centre. You do not need a special license to jet ski. The authorized jet skis have speed limitation devices built into them and also remote control (in case of a problem). When you hire a jet ski you will also receive a life jacket. It is possible to hire a jet ski under the age of 16 however you would need parental authorization. The requirements for a passenger on a jet ski are that your feet reach the bottom of the vehicle. The jet ski hire centre also has a specific insurance for this water activity sport however you should speak to the jet ski hire company about the specific details about this and other hire requirements because each hire agency is different.

Their contact details are:

Escape Fun S.L.
Port Forum Barcelona
Moll de la Ronda
08930 Barcelona, España.

Tel: +34 65 993 5966 (cell phone number)

 [email protected]

MetroMetro: El Maresme | Forum (Yellow Line, L4)

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