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Location of Cash Withdrawal Services (ATM) at Terminal 2 BCN Airport?

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Q: I will be arriving at Terminal 2 of Barcelona airport. Can you tell me if they have a cashpoint service there and where are they located? Do you know if I can withdraw cash from these with a foreign Visa card?

A: There are cashpoint machines at T2 . You can make withdrawals for cash using a visa card however make sure that your bank is aware that you intend to do this and that there are no restrictions set on using your card from overseas. It may be cheaper to make withdrawals from your account using a debit card since cash withdrawals from a credit card could incur interest payments from the date of withdraw. Please check with your bank before you leave home.

Please see the following link below where you can see a list of ATM cash points at T2 of BCN airport:

Cash point ATM machines at T2 BCN airport

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