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Claiming and Finding Lost Luggage at Barcelona Airport?

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Q: What do I do if my luggage gets lost in transit on the way to Barcelona airport?

A: Once you have checked in your luggage prior to flying, it is then the responsibility of the company who you are flying with and their baggage handling company. For this reason, they are your first port of call if you realise that your luggage has not reached its destination.

You will know that your luggage is missing once you have checked-in baggage claim. We all know that sinking feeling of being the last person still at the baggage belt, watching one collapsed cardboard box going round and round. Luckily, the baggage handling companies are located in the baggage claim hall.

You will first need to find out who your baggage handling company are. This should be apparent at the various desks. If you have asked and still have no answer, it is best to call your airline directly. Check our Guide to the Airlines at Barcelona Airport for telephone numbers of each airline.

Depending on who you fly with, the services may vary. In general, you should be free to go to where you are staying. The baggage handling company should cover the cost of transporting the luggage to your address. However, this is something that you should check with each company. Some of the low-cost airlines are likely to provide less help and compensation in comparison to the other airlines.

On speaking to the baggage handling company, it is useful to provide them as much information as possible. Prepare the flight number, plus a description of the luggage and any further information that you might have.

If you have holiday insurance, it is also worth contacting your insurance company. Check the terms of your insurance as they should cover your expenses in relation to what you have had to purchase whilst waiting for your luggage to arrive.

Once you have found your luggage you may want to store it securely at Barcelona Airport - we have provided details how you can do that below.

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