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How To Complain About Telephone Booth Charge at Barcelona Airport?

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Q: Which company is in control of the phone booths in the Barcelona Airport, and also which company is in control of international collect calls from those phone booths? I made a phone call and was falsely charged and need to file a complaint but I do not know who to contact.

A: The telephone company in charge of the booths at the airport is Telefonica, the most important telephone company in Spain. The best way to make a complaint to them from outside Spain is to get in contact with them via mail. From outside Spain, you need to write a letter with your complaint. As informed by the Catalan Consumer Protection Service, whenever you can, try to get a complaint sheet directly at the airport as additional proof of the fact of the service not working when you are there. Otherwise you need write a letter to Telefonica at:

Telefonica S.A.
Gran Via, 28
28013 Madrid, España.

To find detailed information about what the Complaint Sheet or Full de Reclamacio (Catalan) or Hoja de Reclamacion (Spanish) is, where to find it and how to use it, visit the link below:

Catalonia official complaint sheet for consumers

Telefonica official website - complaints online

Another option is to talk to the Consumer Protection Service in your country and find out if they can help you. Usually, they offer help to the residents of a country, even for international issues if possible.

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