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Meeting Point at Barcelona Airport T2?

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Q: We are a group that are flying in to Barcelona on different planes. Is there a meeting point at Barcelona airport Terminal 2?

A: I suggest that you meet outside the customs arrivals for the flight the last member of your group will be on. That way if there is a delay, you can relax in one of the cafe/restaurants outside of the arrivals. There are cafes in all terminals at Barcelona airport. Take each other's flight details and meet them at the arrivals gate for the terminal they will be flying into. You will see whose plane has arrived first on the information panels. If arriving at exactly the same time then just agree to meet outside Terminal 2A Arrivals gate, there is a café right next to it so you can wait there until either of your parties arrive.

One of the cafes inside Barcelona Airport
One of the cafes inside Barcelona Airport

The official meeting point sign in Terminal 2B is 20 metres away from the sculpture of the Black Horse, but most people simply meet at the Black Horse sculpture as the real meeting point.

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