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Safe Waiting Place At Barcelona Airport Terminal 2?

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Q: My cousin from Mexico City arrives at the Barcelona airport El Prat at Terminal 2B. He has to wait for me for 2.5 hours since I am flying in from London. Can you advise where my cousin can wait for me safely and can easily be located by me?

A: Barcelona airport is a safe place; your cousin should not have any problems to wait at the airport. Depending on if your cousin is older or younger than 18 years there are different rules.

Inside one of the Barcelona Airport terminals
Inside one of the Barcelona Airport terminals

Over 18 years
If he is over 18, you just need to find a place where to meet at the airport. Keep in mind that there are three different parts of Terminal 2 (A, B and C), which are not far away from each other, maximum 10 minutes walk. You need to find out which terminal your flight arrives. Your cousin can then just stay in the terminal area. There are different kinds of facilities where to eat, to go to a shop, etc. He could then find out at what time exactly you arrive by checking the departure city and flight number on the Arrivals monitors. Then he would know if your flight is on-time or delayed and could wait for you at the arrivals exit for the terminal you arrive at. Each terminal has a cafeteria, and your cousin could wait there and then make their way to the arrivals gate for your flight.

Under 18 years
In case your cousin is under 18, you need to advise the airline company he is flying with and ask them to accompany him until you arrive. This service is offered directly by the flight companies and needs to be ordered before starting the trip. An air hostess will stay with the boy until your arrival. This is a normal service offered by the airlines.

Further Information
Please also find specific information regarding the airport facilities, different terminals, restaurants, shops and transfer options to Barcelona at the link below:

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