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Is Girona Airport or Reus airport in Barcelona?

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Q: Is Girona Airport or Reus airport in Barcelona?

A: No. Girona airport and Reus Airport are not in Barcelona. There is only one airport in Barcelona and that is Barcelona airport itself which is called El Prat de Llobregat Aeropuerto or simply "Aeroport Barcelona"

Aeroport de Barcelona
Aeroport de Barcelona

Girona airport and Reus airport are each over 100km away from Barcelona, and you have at least 1.5 hour transfer times from them to Barcelona city centre. Girona is to the North of Barcelona and Reus is to the South.

There has been some confusion about Girona or Reus airport being in Barcelona because some airlines put the word "Barcelona" next to Girona or Reus airports in their flight bookings. However, this is a little misleading because these locations are not in Barcelona. Girona and Reus's airports are often used by low-cost budget airlines. However, if you decide to fly to Girona airport or Reus airport, make sure to figure in the price for your transfers. For more information see our links below for each airport, and they also include information on transfers from each airport to Barcelona city centre.

Barcelona Airport
Girona Airport
Reus Airport

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