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How much time do we need to arrive at Barcelona airport prior to a flight?

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Q: Our flight leaves Barcelona on 19 November at 07:55 to Munich. My question is, what time must we arrive at the airport prior to the flight?

A: Each airline has its own rule regarding arrival time. It is recommended you contact the airline you are flying with and ask them what their rules are regarding arrival times. It is quite important to know what is the recommended arrival time for your airline because we have had some reports from site visitors arriving at Girona airport and not being admitted on a popular budget airline (which will remain anonymous) because they never arrived before the specified time even though there were places available and the plane had not left.

We have created a page for you to look up the telephone numbers of many of the airlines flying from Barcelona airport.

It is important to remember that Terminal 1 is 4km further from Barcelona city centre than Terminal 2. You should factor this extra time into your journey if necessary.

Contact telephone numbers for airlines flying from Barcelona airport (El Prat)

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