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Bus from Reus Airport to Reus Train Station?

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Q: I need to take a bus from Reus Airport to Reus Train Station. Which bus can I get and where do I get it from?

A: The bus that leaves from outside Reus airport and goes to Reus train station is the number 50. It is a service run by Reus Transport. The bus runs on an hourly basis and the journey time is approximately 20 minutes.

First bus from the airport: 08:05
Last bus from the airport: 21:05

If you are coming from the train station to the airport.

First bus from the train station: 07:25
Last bus from the train station: 20:30

The bus times may vary, so it is best to check the website directly for times. Official Reus Transport Website. Alternatively you can call the following number.

Reus Transport information line: +34 97 730 0006

Reus Airport is small so you will not have trouble finding the bus stop. Exit the terminal building and you will find the bus depot directly in front of you. Once you have taken the bus to the train station, you will be able to take a train to numerous locations in Spain, including Barcelona.

If you wish to gain a general overview to transport from Reus Airport to Barcelona, see our Guide to Transfer from Reus Airport to Barcelona. This includes options of the bus, train and taxis.

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