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Metro to Barcelona Airport From City Centre: Line L9 Sud

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Q: Is there a metro link to Barcelona Airport? What is the name for the metro station stop at the airport?

A: There is a metro link from the city centre to Barcelona International airport (Aeroport del Prat de Llobregat).

This is a metro line linking Barcelona city and the airport. It is an automated train service (no human driver).

The Airport Metro line, called L9 Sud, runs all the way to Barcelona airport and has stops at both T1 and T2 (Terminal 1 and Terminal 2). These stops are called Aeroport T2 and Aeroport T1.

You can now catch the metro underground from anywhere in the city centre and plot your route to join any one of the stations on L9 Sud listed below.

It is important to consider how long it would take you to reach one of the stations that link to L9 Sud line. The transit time to the L9 Sud is an important time calculation to add to your overall transfer time, as it could take you some time simply to reach the L9 Sud line. This is because the L9 line does not directly pass through the major transport hubs such as Plaça de Catalunya, Estació Sants or Plaça España. You would have to take a connecting metro to reach L9 from these stations. Since these stations all offer direct transport to the airport, it may still be quicker, and more convenient, to use existing transport from one of the principal transport stations.

Depending on where you are starting your journey in the city centre, you would need to work out which is the most convenient route. If you are travelling from Plaça de Catalunya or España it may still be more convenient for you to use the Aerobus express bus service because this service runs directly from both Catalunya Station and España station without any changes involved. If you are leaving from Sants, or from Passeig de Gràcia stations and you want to go to Terminal T2, it may be more convenient to use the RENFE airport train as this train runs directly from these stations.

You can join the L9 Sud Airport metro line at any of the following stations which we have presented in order below:

L9 Sud Metro Line Stations To Barcelona Airport

Zona Universitària (Barcelona city)
Can Tries/Gornal
Parc Logístic
Les Moreres
El Prat Estació
Parc Nou
Mas Blau
Aeroport T2 (Airport terminal 2)
Aeroport T1 (Airport terminal 1)

You can plot your route on the metro to any one of the above stations using our Metro Map as your guide.

Airport Metro Ticket Price

Note that you cannot use a standard single metro ticket to go to the airport you need the special Metro airport ticket called Billete Aeropuerto. You also cannot use the T-Casual ticket for the metro stops at Barcelona Airport.

Metro Airport Ticket Price (Billete Aeropuerto)
Single ticket: €5.15

When you arrive at Barcelona Airport T1 or T2 you will need to validate your ticket in order to exit. If you do not have a valid airport ticket you will need to buy one at the Airport.

See our page on metro link to airport ticket prices.

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Barcelona metro
Barcelona Airport metro (Orange Line,L9)
Barcelona TMB buses
Barcelona Airport TMB bus
Regional railway (Rodalies de Catalunya train in Zone 1)
Barcelona Airport RENFE R2 train

Frequency of operation for the Metro to the Airport

The metro to the airport runs every 7 minutes. However if there are heavy demands expected, for example, an exhibition, then the train times may be adjusted to accommodate for the increase in use during these peak hours.

Operating Hours

The metro line to the airport operates to the same hours as the normal metro system. See our page on timetable and operating hours for metro to airport for more information.

Timetable and Information Services at the L9 Sud Stations

At each of the stations you will find information boards that will show you the time of the next train with the arrival time at Barcelona Airport. The information boards also show if the train is an "express" train or if it is a regular shuttle train. The express train does not stop at all stops along the route. This means you will have a quicker transit time with the express trains.

Once inside the train you will see information panels showing the metro line map and indicating what will be the next station. You will also hear audio announcements in both English and Catalan for the next station name.

Access For People With A Disability on L9 Sud Airport Metro Line

The L9 Sud metro line has been designed to ensure easy and comfortable transport for travellers with disabilities. All stations on the L9 line have been fitted with lifts and the entrance doors to the metro lie flush with the platform making it easy for wheelchair travellers to get on and off the train.

However if you need to make your way to the L9 line from another metro line you would first need to find out if the metro station that you intend use has adequete access to facilities for people with a disability or not. To determine what facilities for people with a disability are available for the different metro lines please see our page on metro lines with lift access.

Learn more about the Barcelona metro system for you visit to Barcelona.

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