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Ticket price for Metro from Barcelona Airport to the City Centre. Line L9 Sud

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Q: We want to take the Metro to Barcelona Airport. Could you tell us how we can do this where the stops are and how much it would cost for the metro ticket to the Airport?

A: There is a special type of metro ticket for transport to Barcelona Airport from the city centre. The ticket is called the "Billete Aeroporto" or "Airport Ticket".

Metro Airport Ticket Price (Billete Aeropuerto)
Single ticket: €5.15

You cannot use a normal standard metro ticket or the T-Casual ticket to go to the airport on the metro system.

The Billete Aeropuerto ticket will enable you to travel to either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 from anywhere on the Barcelona metro system.

This means the price for using the airport metro is comparable with other means of transport such as the aerobus. However please note the metro link to the Airport may not be the most convenient means of transport to take. This is because the airport metro is not on the same line as any of the main stations i.e. Plaça de Catalunya, Passeig de Gràcia or Estació Sants transport station. Therefore you would have to first factor in additional transit time to get to the L9 Line by making changes on the metro system.

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Barcelona metro
Barcelona Airport metro (Orange Line,L9)
Barcelona TMB buses
Barcelona Airport TMB bus
Regional railway (Rodalies de Catalunya train in Zone 1)
Barcelona Airport RENFE R2 train

Once you arrive at a L9 Sud station there will be two types of train you could take to the airport. One is called the "Express" train, the other is normal shuttle train.

The Express train does not stop at all stations and will therefore be quicker than the regular shuttle train. You can see which metro type it is from the information boards present at the stations.

There are quite a number of stops on route to the airport for the regular shuttle metro. If you combine the time required for L9 Sud shuttle to stop at its stations on route to the airport plus the time to get to the L9 Sud itself you will have a total transit time which you can then compare to the transfer time for another means of transport such as taxi or aerobus.

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