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Barcelona Taxi Fares And Supplements

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Q: How are the Taxi fare prices calculated in Barcelona? Are the taxi fares calculated by person or by taxi? What are the supplements?

A: All taxi fares are calculated by taxi. The only exception is for van taxis where there is an additional supplement per person above 4 passengers. The majority of Barcelona official taxis (including van taxis) are licensed to carry a maximum of 4 passengers. However some van taxis have a special license to carry up to 6 passengers. If you require a taxi that can carry 6 passengers it is best to call a taxi firm directly to request one. Alternatively at the airport you can request the taxi attendant to find you a taxi with a license of 6 passengers. You may have a longer wait since only around 10% of taxis are licensed to carry 6 passengers.

Barcelona Taxi Rate per kilometre
Rate (08:00 - 20:00):
Rate (20:00 - 08:00): €1.45

Minimum fee: €7.00

Supplement above 4 passengers
Per person: €4.30

Supplements to the final meter price are added due to the following factors.

1. BCN airport pick up or drop off: €4.30
Minimum fare: €20.00

2. Pick up or drop off at the Barcelona Cruise terminal:  €4.30

3. Pickup or drop off at the Fira exhibition centre: €2.50

4. Pickup or drop off at a transport station e.g. Estació Sants rail station, Franca station, or Nord bus station: €2.50

5. Catching a taxi at a taxi rank or for reserving a taxi on the phone. This supplement varies depending on the time of day.
Price range: €3.40 - €4.50

6) Taxi rides on special celebration nights (e.g. Christmas day) between certain hours have a supplement.
Supplement hours: 20:00 - 08:00
Supplement: €3.10

7) There is a supplement for each piece of luggage (or other item) placed in the boot.
Luggage in the boot supplement
Per piece: €1.00

8) All taxis have a minimum fare.
Minimum fare: €7.00 

Barcelona Taxi Fares
Barcelo Taxi Fare to the Airport or Cruise Ports

All supplement prices will be displayed at the passenger window of the taxi at the back of the cab. When the taxi stops you will see the meter price and then the taxi driver will press a supplements button on the meter to increase the fare to the final price inclusive of the supplements.

We recommend you always request a receipt before you leave the taxi. This is useful for many reasons not least if you leave something in the taxi you will have all the information you need to identify your specific journey. You can then ring up the taxi company, give them the details on the receipt, and they would be able to identify your lost property. It is also useful should you need to make a complaint.

To request the taxi receipt in Spanish say this:

"Quiero un ricibo" or "Quiero un tiquet"

All official taxi drivers are obliged under Spanish law to provide you with a receipt on request. The taxi has a small machine that is linked to their taxi meter and it will print out all the information you need.

How To Raise An Official Complaint For Overcharging

You should only ever pay the price on the meter. You will see the meter price plus a separate amount for the supplements. It is against the law for the taxi driver to ask for more money than is displayed on the meter. If you have any problems please see the following page that explains how to make an official complaint about a Barcelona taxi.

How to raise an official complaint about a Barcelona taxi service.

If you lose any property in a Barcelona taxi call the following number quoting the information given on your taxi receipt:

Barcelona Taxi Lost Property:

Tel: +34 93 707 0600

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