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Taxi Fare Barcelona International airport and Cruise Port Docks?

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Q: How far is it from the Barcelona International airport and the cruise dock, and what would the taxi fare be and how long will the journey take?

A: There is a special fixed rate fee for a taxi journey between Barcelona Airport and the Cruise Port.

Fixed rate fee: €39.00

Journey time from the airport is approximately 30 minutes but it depends on traffic conditions.

Taxis at Barcelona Airport
Taxis at Barcelona Airport

Taxi fare from cruise docks to other parts of town other than the airport

If you want to take the taxi to any other part of the town excluding the airport the taxi rate is calculated per kilometre along with an additional supplement to pay on top of the normal taxi price if you are being picked up or dropped off at the cruise port.

Taxi rate per kilometre: €1.21
Taxi fare supplement for being picked up or dropped off at the cruise port:  €4.30 

Barcelona Taxi Capacity

The majority of Barcelona Taxis have a license to carry a maximum of 4 passengers and the taxi fare is based per cab and not per person.

There are also some official Barcelona Taxis that have a special license to carry up to 6 passengers however these types of taxi are not as common. If you require a taxi for 6 passengers it is best to request it in advance by calling a Taxi company and specifically requesting one.

Taxis run 24 hours per day 365 days of the year from Barcelona airport.

If you are concerned about communicating with the taxi driver and them not understanding you we recommend you write down your destination in advance and hand it to the taxi driver. Most taxi drivers do not speak English.

For more detailed information on the exact taxi rates I recommend you visit the Metropolitan institute for Barcelona Taxis website.

Metropolitan Institute for Barcelona Taxis

We also have a dedicated page on Barcelona Cruise Terminals which answers questions on baggage storage, car hire, accommodation, shuttle bus service etc at the cruise docks.

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