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Best Location For Choosing Hotel in Barcelona?

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Q: I am going away this weekend with my girlfriend and we are only staying 2 days. I was wondering where do you think is the best place to stay to see the whole city. We are looking for a 4 star hotel and we are both 20 years. I know the information is on your site but I still can't decide. Help!

A: Try looking at our Barcelona Interactive Map. We have taken over 500 photos of all the main areas in Barcelona in a logical sequence. You will see what each of the areas is like first hand and can come to your own conclusions.

You can then use our hotel map which has descriptions of hotels in Barcelona linked to a map of the city. The hotel map makes it simple for you to find a hotel in the area you are interested in and also to read all about the hotel. We have also provided links for you to be able to book the hotel. Barcelona hotel map

To answer your question on which is the best area. This is rather subjective and it depends what you want from your holiday. In my opinion one of the best central places to stay is the Barri Gòtic or around the Cathedral area as you are right in the centre and it's quite picturesque around there (the old) town of Barcelona - lots of history, cobbled streets cafe's on corners, cathedral etc. You also have excellent transport links from city and you won't be further than a few minutes walk from a Metro stop.

Alternatively somewhere just off the Ramblas. The Ramblas is the most central part of Barcelona city centre so you just have to walk out your hotel to be in the heart of it.

If you don't mind street noise and want to be in the centre of the shopping areas with good access to clubs, bars and restaurants then perhaps consider Eixample area.

If however you want ready access to the beaches in Barcelona and want to be out of all the hustle and bustle then perhaps consider Barceloneta or Poble Nou.

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