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Barcelona Card for journey to Montserrat?

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Q: I've read through all the website and we're wondering if we can use the Barcelona Card for the Metro train to go to Montserrat?

A: The metro does not go to Montserrat. You will need to take a train to make a visit to Montserrat. The Barcelona Card does not offer you a discount on the train journey to Montserrat.

Train ticket to Montserrat

I recommend you also follow our link below for detailed information on how to travel to Montserrat via train, if you want to work out your own journey to Monserrat.

How to travel to Montserrat via train.

We also have an entire website devoted to Montserrat:

Montserrat Tourist Guide

If you are interested in learning more about the discounts the Barcelona Card offer please see the following page:

Barcelona Card: The transport and Discount Card

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