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Can I Purchase the Barcelona Card at Barcelona Airport instead of Buying it Online?

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Q: Is it possible to purchase the Barcelona Card at BCN airport? I have read I can buy the card online and pick it up from the airport however what is best, to buy it online or to buy it at the airport?

A: You can purchase your Barcelona Card at the BCN airport without having to purchase it online before your trip. You can buy your card at any of the airport tourist information offices during operating hours. You can find out what the operating hours are by visiting the following pages. We have given a link for each tourist office depending on which terminal you will be arriving at:

T1 tourist office at BCN airport
T2 tourist office at BCN airport

To answer whether it is best to buy your Barcelona Card online before your trip or to purchase it at the airport this depends on the following factors.

1. If you purchase online there are sometimes discounts over the price at the airport. It is therefore worth checking online first to see if you can get a better price online. Once you purchase your card online you then print out your voucher which is sent to you via email and hand it to the staff at any of the tourist offices at Barcelona airport and they will give you your Barcelona Card.

2. If you purchase your card online then you do not need to have local currency (Euros) to pay for your card when you arrive.



You can use the Barcelona Card to pay for your transport on the airport RENFE train (which leaves T2 only) or the TMB airport bus or the airport night buses which leaves from either T1 or T2.

If you are arriving at T1 and want to go on the RENFE train leaving at T2 you can take the free airport shuttle bus which runs frequently between T1 and T2.

It is important however to be aware that the Barcelona Card is valid the moment you first use it and only until 00:00 Midnight of the same day it is activated. This will count as one day. Therefore it is worth considering if you should use your Barcelona Card for paying for transport from the airport if you are arriving late at night as you would have spent 1 day of your Barcelona card day simply for paying for the transport from the airport. It may be worth paying for the transport from the airport and then activating your card the next day so that you have a full day's worth of use.

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