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Can I Pick Up My Barcelona Card From Girona Airport (GRO)?

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Q: I have purchased my Barcelona Card online and I am flying into Girona Airport. Can I pick up my Barcelona Card from Girona Airport?

A: Unfortunately you cannot pick up your Barcelona card from Girona Airport. It can only be picked up from Barcelona Airport or one of the main tourist offices in Barcelona centre e.g. at Plaça de Catalunya. Make sure that you go to one of the tourist information offices during working hours. See our page on Barcelona tourist information offices.

If you have not purchased your Barcelona Card online you will still not be able to purchase one from Girona Airport. Girona is actually outside of Barcelona (about 100 Km).

You can only pick up / or purchase your Barcelona Card from the Barcelona international airport tourist information office or one of the Barcelona tourist information offices in the city centre.

One tip to bear in mind. The Barcelona Tourist offices in Barcelona have an official closing hour however they have been known to close their doors 15 minutes before closing time. The reason is that they may have long queues in the tourist office already and it would take 15 minutes to clear the queue. The tip here is to go well before closing time if you can.



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