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How Many People Is A Barcelona Card Valid For?

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Q: I have read that "T10" travel ticket is valid during a calendar year and can be shared with other members of the group. May the Barcelona Card also be shared with other members of the group?

A: The T10 travel pass and the Barcelona Card are completely separate products and should not be confused.

The Barcelona Card only allows a single person travel and discounts and may not be shared amongst other members of your group. The T10 has only 10 journeys issued on it and this is the reason it can be shared with other members. Each person who uses the T10 ticket uses one journey from the quota of 10 journeys. When the 10 journeys are used up the T10 card expires. The Barcelona Card allows unlimited travel and therefore it cannot be shared with other members of your group. I also would like to clarify one other point. The T10 is valid within a particular calendar year and will expire when at the end of January each year.

The Barcelona Card also offers many other benefits other than a travel pass. It also offers discounts and free entry to many tourist attractions and gives discounts on other Barcelona related services. The T10 is only a travel pass.

If you want a travel card that gives you unlimited travel within your stay you can consider the Barcelona Transport Card. This is valid for a specified number of consecutive days and gives you unlimited transport on the Metro, Buses, Trains and Tram in Barcelona city centre Zone 1. The Barcelona Travel Card does not cover you for any discounts to Barcelona attractions however it is cheaper than the Barcelona Card.

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