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Journalist Barcelona Press Card How to obtain one?

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Q: I am a journalist and would like to obtain a press card when I visit Barcelona. How do I obtain one? Will the press card also entitle me to discounts on Barcelona attractions?

A: Members of the press should contact Barcelona Tourism Board press department to obtain an official press card for your visit to Barcelona. It is recommended that you contact the Barcelona press department as soon as possible but at least 1 month before you intend to travel to ensure your press card will be issued in time for your visit. You will need to provide a copy of your press identification card from your own country and samples of your work that have been published as evidence. You then send these off to the press department at Barcelona Tourist Board. You then need to call the tourist board to ensure that your press card has been issued. Once you are in Barcelona, you need to make your way to the press department in Barcelona tourist board office to pick up your card. Remember to take your press ID when you go to pick up your card. The Barcelona press card will entitle you to free entry into many of Barcelona's main attractions. For more detailed information on how to obtain your press card and what benefits it entitles you to go visit the Barcelona Tourist Board website.

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