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Transport To Palacruceros Muelle Adosado Terminal D?

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Q: Where is the location of Cruise docking pier "Palacruseros Muelle adosado terminal D"? Are there any shuttle buses from the Metro station to the above terminal D? How far is the metro station to the shuttle bus stops by foot?

A: Barcelona cruise port is quite large and there are an number of terminals at the port. The Palacruceros cruise terminal is one of these and you can see the exact location of this terminal if you visit the link below which has a map showing the locations of all the cruise terminals.

There are four generic cruise port areas. One of them is the Moll Adossat (name in Catalan) or Muelle Adosado (name in Spanish). This area is also called Palacruceros. It is subdivided in the terminals A, B, C and D.

There is a cruise terminal shuttle bus called the T3 PORTBUS that runs from all the cruise terminals to the Christopher Columbus monument at the foot of the Ramblas. You can also find more information on this bus by following the link at the foot of this page. We do not recommend to walk from the Moll Adossat area, as this is the most far away located area. You'd need to walk for about 2 km.

Barcelona cruise port detailed map and general information

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