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Transportation From Cruise Port To The Airport For A Group?

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Q: There are 6 of us in our group and we are looking for the best option for transfer from the Cruise Terminal to Barcelona Airport. What is the best option available - car hire or taxi?

A: Even for a group of six people the best option in our opinion is to hire a taxi that is licensed to carry 6 people and not to hire a car. A normal taxi will only hold up to 4 passengers however there are some van taxis that are licensed to carry up to 6 passengers.

Taxi from the cruise port to the airport
Taxi fare: €39.00

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In case you'd really like to hire a car: for six people you need to get two cars as the maximum number of people per car is five, or alternatively you can rent a van. The price to hire a car for one day starts at about €60.00 (one car). If you hire a van, you'd need to pay from €150.00 (capacity for 7 people) up to €270.00 (capacity for 9 people) for one day. Also consider that you do not know the town or your way to the airport. You would need to fill in the papers, get the car, find your way and return the car at the airport. That requires time and maybe cause stress especially as everything would be in Spanish. The taxis cost you less money and you do not have any stress.

Please find the taxi information and contact details by clicking on the link below:

Barcelona taxi service general information and contact

For useful information regarding the cruise port as well as the contact details for the nearest car hire company please follow the link below:

Barcelona cruise port information and care hire service

Shared shuttle minibus transfer from / to Cruise port

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