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T10 Travel Card Valid From Barcelona To Girona?

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Q: I want to know if I can use the T10 ticket to travel from Girona airport to Barcelona?

A: The T10 travel card is only valid for Barcelona city centre. There are different types of T10 that give you coverage for different transport zones, but all of those zones are within Barcelona city only. For most tourists the T10 ticket for Zone 1 is sufficient as this covers the area where the majority of tourist attractions are.

To see the exact transport zones I recommend you visit the page below.

Barcelona Transport Zones

Barcelona City Pass

You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this link because the page is in PDF format. It will also take some time to open up so be patient.

Further information on the T10 ticket and the Barcelona Metro can be found on the link below:
Barcelona T10 transport ticket and Barcelona metro system
Girona Airport To Barcelona Transport Options

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